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Photo: K. Stickle

Chinese Lion Dancing has always been an integral aspect of traditional Chinese Martial Arts. With the  Chinese Lion Dance music and the "lion teaser", the Lion Dance is a colourful and lively event capturing energy, mythology and culture.

Sifu Young has performed the Fut Shan Chinese Lion Dance since he was a child with the Toronto Jing Mo Kung Fu Club. His sifu, James Lore (Lor King Hung), learned the Lion Dance from his teacher, Liu Wa Dai.

Sifu Young continues the art form in performances and instruction. He has taught the Fut Shan Southern Lion Dance to Tallack Martial Arts in Kingston, Ontario as well as at Waterloo Kung Fu Academy in Waterloo, Ontario and continues to offer Lion Dancing seminars. 

The Lion Dance celebrates not only traditional Chinese festivities such as Chinese New Year, but also the opening of businesses, community festivals, wedding and parades.